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School Improvement Plan

River's Edge School Motto, Mission Statement, and Teacher and Student Success Plan

Motto: Every day is a new day!

Mission Statement:

At River’s Edge School our mission is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that supports students’ success in the least restrictive setting possible.

We will accomplish this mission by:

  1. Delivering data-driven behavior programs with consistency to facilitate positive behavioral skills across settings.
  2. Engaging students in high-quality individualized academic instruction that promotes measurable growth.
  3. Collaborating with school, home, and community resources to foster self-advocacy and social/emotional wellbeing.

2021-2022 Teacher and Student Success Plan:

River’s Edge School is committed to continuous improvement in teaching, learning, and social/emotional development. Our goal is to increase our teachers' ability to make data-based decisions to improve student achievement in the areas of reading, math, and social-emotional functioning. Growth will continue to be analyzed using student RI scores, Imagine Math scores, RISE scores, River's Edge point card data, and information from the shared academic database.

Our 2021-2022 Teacher and Student Success Plan focuses on the areas of coaching, professional development, and school-based initiatives, as outlined below.

1. Coaching: As a special needs school, we will work with the Special Education Department for our coaching needs in the areas of academic achievement and behavior management.

Action Steps

  • Access district-level teacher specialists for professional development based on school needs.
  • Access Jordan Behavior Assistance Team for professional development based on school needs.
  • District-level teacher specialists and behavior specialists will provide mentoring for teachers in our building in areas of instructional planning and behavior management.

2. Professional Development: We will provide the opportunity for teachers and staff to attend PD in the areas of core academic content and behavior management.

Action Steps

  • We will use a portion of the funds to cover the cost of registration for applicable PDs.
  • We will provide the cost of a sub (if during school hours).
  • We will provide a small stipend for teachers who attend a training or conference during off-contract time.
  • Administrators will select the PD opportunities for staff to choose from.
  • We will access district resources for training during selected faculty meetings.

3. School-Based Initiatives:

3.1 Data Systems: We will continue to partner with BYU on our Power BI digital dashboard. We will use some TSSA funding to provide a stipend for Dr. Cade Charlton and Sara Moulton as they continue to provide accessibility and training for our staff. We will also continue to use our academic database, which will be managed by Stephanie Stoneking. She will receive a stipend for facilitating our academic database.

Action Steps

  • Coordinate with Dr. Charlton for ongoing support and training on Power BI.
  • Utilize Stephanie Stoneking, our Academic Team Lead, to manage and oversee the academic database throughout the year.

3.2 Social Emotional Learning: Additionally, our school will continue to support the development of our Wellness Room. Funds will be allocated to purchase supplies and materials needed throughout the year.

Action Step

  • We will continue to monitor the needs in our Wellness Room to determine any additional supplies or materials.

3.3 Academic Programs: We will also purchase Imagine Math licenses to supplement the number of licenses we received from the grant so each student can have access to the program throughout the year.

Action Step

  • We will work with Randy Tingey, our Imagine Learning Consultant, to purchase additional Imagine Math licenses.