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School Improvement Plan

River's Edge School Motto, Mission Statement, and Teacher and Student Success Plan

Motto: Every day is a new day!

Mission Statement:

At River’s Edge School our mission is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that supports students’ success in the least restrictive setting possible.

We will accomplish this mission by:

  1. Delivering data-driven behavior programs with consistency to facilitate positive behavioral skills across settings.
  2. Engaging students in high-quality individualized academic instruction that promotes measurable growth.
  3. Collaborating with school, home, and community resources to foster self-advocacy and social/emotional wellbeing.

Teacher and Student Success Plan:

River’s Edge School is committed to continuous improvement in teaching, learning, and social/emotional development. Our 2020-2021 Teacher and Student Success Plan focuses on the areas of coaching, professional development, and school-based initiatives, as outlined below.

1. Coaching: We will have a part-time coach provided by the special education department who will coach teachers in data collection, data based instructional practices, and lesson planning.

Action Steps

  • The coach will attend team PLCS and help make decisions based on data
  • The coach will provide PD opportunities based on staff need.
  • The coach will provide mentoring for teachers in our building in the areas of instructional practice and lesson planning.

2. Professional Development: We will provide the opportunity for teachers to attend professional development in the areas of reading, math, and behavior.

Action Steps

  • We will use a portion of our funding to pay for the cost of registration or substitutes for selected teachers to attend a face-to-face (virtual) conference focused on reading, math, or behavior.
  • This funding will also be used to provide compensation for teachers who would like to do online training in the areas of math, language arts, or behavior.
  • Teachers that attend a training will be expected to share the information that they learned in a team meeting.
  • Administrators will select the PD opportunities that will be available for staff to choose from.

3. School-Based Initiatives:

3.1 Data Systems: We are currently working with BYU on a digital data collection program. We will use some TSSA funding to purchase the necessary software licenses to make the data more accessible to our staff and train on the usage of this tool to track behavioral data. Academic data will also be tracked on a Google Sheet managed by our Academic PLC team lead.

Action Steps

  • Purchase software licenses for Power BI.
  • Work with Dr. Cade Charlton from BYU to train staff in using the data program.
  • Use these data during team meetings and PLCs to make decisions about academic and behavioral programming.
  • Provide a stipend to staff member to manage the academic database.

3.2 Social Emotional Learning: Additionally, our school is currently working on establishing a wellness room in order to assist students in their social and emotional needs. We will also implement Move This World, an online social-emotional curriculum, to teach skills and strategies.

Action Steps

  • Use the Wellness room outline from Oquirrh Elementary to guide needs and purchases for the Wellness room.
  • Pilot the Move This World program with the elementary team.