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Faculty & Staff

Brian King, PhD Principal
Melanie Dawson, PhD Assistant Principal
Dallas Carpenter Elementary teacher
Gabi Clayton Instructional assistant
Beth Coleman Language arts and Fine arts
Carnell Cummings Teacher specialist
Thomas Freed Instructional assistant
Judie Hancock Transition
Chris Hincks Language arts and history
Lisa Keysaw Instructional assistant
Veronica Killion Science teacher
Melissa Munson Elementary teacher
Diane Malmborg Instructional assistant
Jeanna Maxwell instructional assistant- Transition
Tamera Ortega Instructional assistant- Technology
Cassandra Romine, PhD Psychologist
Stephanie Stoneking Math and Language arts teacher
Kelli Swilor Instructional assistant
Afsuneh Takmili  Instructional assistant
David Thompson Math and science teacher
Terry Pia Head Secretary
Nathan Morgan Head Custodian
Yvette Wood Custodian