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    School Plan 2018-2019 - Rivers Edge

    School Plan Approved

    School Plan Approval Details

    Submitted By:

    Donald Link

    Submit Date:


    Admin Reviewer:

    Natalie Gordon

    Ad.min Review Date:


    District Reviewer:

    Nadine Troxel

    District Approval Date:


    Board Approval Date:


    Goal #1 Goal

    Improve student academic performance by increasing the time instructional assistants spend in
    Professional Learning Community meetings in order to collaborate, generate data and plan
    instruction in the areas of reading, writing and math.

    Academic Areas

    , Reading

    , Mathematics

    , Writing


    SRI testing and curriculum-based measurement in reading; norm-referenced and criterion-referenced
    testing to measure progress on IEP goals.

    Action Plan Steps

    Because of difficult behaviors typical of River's Edge students, all classes are taught and managed
    by a teacher and an assistant. The assistants are crucial to the learning process. Therefore, it
    is important to include them in collaborative planning with teachers. Land Trust funds will allow
    35-hour instructional assistants to incr ease their schedule by one hour per week to allow them to
    participate in PLC meetings.


    Estimated Cost

    Total: I $1,500 -

    Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) Funds for four
    instructional assistants to attend PLC meetings throughout the schoolyear.

    summary of Estimated Expenditures

    Total: $1,500

    Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)




    Estimated Carry-over from the 2017-2018 Progress Report


    Estimated Distribution in 2018-2019


    Total ESTIMATED Available Funds for 2018-2019 $1,581

    Summary of Estimated Expenditures For 2018-2019


    ESTIMATED Carry Over to 2019-2020

    Increased Distribution

    The2018-2019 distribution in this plan is an estimate.Any additional funds will be used to support community-based activities for River's Edge students.