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Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

Mission: The mission of the River's Edge School is to serve students by providing opportunities for them to develop self-awareness leading to personal growth and behavioral change. This will enable them to become active, caring community members and life-long learners. We are committed to help each student find success in school, at work, and in the community. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment that promotes individual responsibility, personal achievement, and respect for all individuals.
  1. Every day is a new day
  2. Each student can experience success
  3. Students will be treated with respect and dignity.
  4. Students need a structured system that delivers reinforcers and consequences.
  5. Students require a positive and predictable environment.
  6. Students require individual adaptions.
  7. Positive relationships between students and staff are developed and encouraged.
  8. All students should be accepted for who they are and from where they have been.
  9. Students should be given the opportunity to gain necessary skills to move forward with their lives.
Vision: Systematic use of research based practices that affect all students and result in academic and behavioral gains.
Language Arts:
  • Teachers will implement language arts practices that combine techniques for academics, behavior modification, and instruction with 15% of students moving from below basic to basic & basic to proficient or advanced on SRI testing each school year.
  • Student academic and behavior achievement will improve through increased teacher use of research-based instruction in math practices with an increase of 10% of students passing pre/post testing in the area of math each school year.
  • Implement transitional activities at the new school location that create a positive climate and culture for all stakeholders as measured by yearly ISQ Survey.